Building Department

Inspection Procedures

After final drawings are approved by the appropriate boards, and a building permit issued, the following inspections are required to be performed by the Building Inspector. A 24-hour notice is required prior to inspection and no work may proceed until all prior work has been inspected and approved. To schedule inspections contact the Building Inspector at extension #127.

  1. Erosion Control Inspection - shall be performed after tree removal and after erosion control devices are in place.
  2. Excavation - prior to footer placement.
  3. Foundation Wall/Drain Tile Inspection - prior to backfill.
  4. Rough Grade Inspection - shall be performed following backfill.
  5. Pre-pour Inspection - shall be performed after all in-slab or under-slab reinforcing and building service equipment, conduit, accessories and any other items are in place, PRIOR TO CONCRETE.
  6. Lowest Floor Elevation - a registered design professional shall prepare and submit to the Building Official the elevation certificate pursuant to section 323 of the Ohio Residential Code.
  7. Framing Inspection - shall be performed after roof sheathing, all framing, fire blocking, and bracing are in place.
  8. Firebox/Chimney Inspection - shall be performed after the firebox, smoke chamber, and flue is in place.
  9. Rough Electrical Inspection
  10. Rough Plumbing Inspection
  11. Rough HVAC Inspection
  12. Finish Grade Inspection - shall be performed after finished grade of the site has been established prior to seeding and landscaping.
  13. Final Inspection - shall be performed after all work approved by the residential permit has been completed.

No building or addition shall be occupied or used until it is completed in accordance with all the approved drawings and specifications and a Final Inspection is completed and approved, at which time a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

Within 6 months of completion of the work and Final Inspection, the property upon which the building is located shall be finish graded, seeded, planted, and shall be continuously maintained thereafter.