From the Mayor - December '23\ January '24

Dear Villagers,
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. We have so many things in our Village to be thankful for each and every day.

Our Police Department keeps us safe and informed. They work diligently for us 24/7, a very big and important job in our...Read more

From the Mayor - July\August '23

The Village is looking great! Thank you to the Village’s Service Department for the beautiful landscaping in the Village’s center and throughout the Village. We...Read more

From the Mayor - June '23

Dear Villagers, Gates Mills is once again lush, green and beautiful. June’s arrival means Summer is coming, school is ending, and camps are starting right around the...Read more

From the Mayor - May '23

Dear Villagers, April showers bring May flowers…so they say. We will hope for just a few rain showers in May to keep the Village beautiful! Our Service Department is...Read more