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News Article - Drug Take-back Day

On Saturday, October 23, 2021 the Police Department will be accepting expired or unwanted medications at Town Hall between 10am and 2pm. Simply bring your unwanted or expired prescription drugs* to the Town Hall.

For questions call (440) 423-4405 or email Detective Mike Day.   mday@gatesmillsvillage.com

*NO creams, liquids or needles of any kind.

News Article - Deer Hunting Permit (Culling) Forms

Deer bow hunting permit (culling) forms for the 2021/22 Hunting Season are available on-line and in the Town Hall Vestibule.

The 2021-22 hunting season runs September 25, 2021-February 6, 2022.

On-line forms can be accessed below.  Please print the forms and return all completed forms with the $25.00 application fee, (checks payable to the Village of Gates Mills), to:

News Article - Pink Sheet - October 2020

Gates Mills Police Department

Proud to Serve…Sworn to Protect

From Your Police Department:

Fall is upon us! I hope that you were able to enjoy and make the most of your summer. These are certainly challenging times.

I want to remind everyone that with students now returning to in classroom instruction,  we expect to see more people driving their children to school. Please be aware of the speed limit and school zones when driving.


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