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Tote Recycling Survey

Thank you for your participation in the Rumpke Recycling Tote trial. Your feedback will help the Village Council decide on what method of recycling should be adopted Villagewide. Please complete the survey by June 12, 2024.

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Overall, how satisfied are you with the current back door, blue "bagged" recycling?
Does your household currently recycle?
How often do you set out materials for recycling collection?
Did you use the "tote" for recycling during the trial period?
If you used the "tote", did the "tote" system make it easier to recycle?
Did you find your household recycled more material with the "tote"?
Given no difference in the cost between "bagged" recycling and "tote" recycling, which method would you prefer?
In the space below, please provide any other information you feel would be helpful for us to make the decision on which method would be best for the Village.
If we may contact you if we have additional questions, please provide your contact information; i.e. email address, home phone and/or cell phone number: