The Pink Sheet

The Community Club publishes the monthly Village newsletter, The Pink Sheet, ten times a year as a community service.  It is a source of information for all residents with letters from Village officials and departments, club and organization news, and photographs of special events.  Over the years, The Pink Sheet has evolved from a collection of village notices to the main communication vehicle encouraging community spirit and serving as a digitally archived record of Village history.

In 1947, the first issues of The Pink Sheet were printed on white paper.  Members complained that a more eye-catching color was needed since all too often the newsletter was thrown out with the junk mail.  Pink was chosen simply because it was the least expensive color.  In years gone by, members would walk around a table to collate and staple the pages of The Pink Sheet by hand – an old fashioned approach called “pulling The Pink Sheet”.

Today pages of The Pink Sheet are created mainly on the computer and emailed to The Pink Sheet editors who organize the Village news and advertising sections.  All content is then emailed to the printer who delivers the traditional hard copy which is mailed to all Villagers free of charge.  An on-line color version of the newsletter and advertising information may be found on the website:   

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